Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The 2012 National Security & New Media Conference and Mightier Pen Award

The lovely Monica Crowley, Radio Host and FOX News Contributor.

Today I was pleased to attend the
Center for Security Policy National Security and New Media Journalism Project's
2012 National Security & New Media Conference
Under the Gun: Reporting News in a Dangerous World
The Mightier Pen Award
honoring Roger E. Ailes, Chairman, FOX Television Stations, Inc.
at The Union League Club in Manhattan.

To follow are highlights and video.
All photos are high resolution, so please click to enlarge.

Monica Crowley, Roger Ailes and Frank Gaffney

Andrew McCarthy, former Chief Assistant U.S. Attorney

Frank Gaffney, Director of the Center for Security Policy

Fred Grandy, former U.S. Congressman

Rich Lowry, Editor, The National Review

Lou Dobbs, FOX News host and Frank Gaffney

The first part of the Center for Security Policy program consisted of two sessions: Growing Censorship of Free Speech and Escalating State Violence Against Political and Religious Expression. Session one panel speakers included Sam Nunberg, Director Middle East Forum - The Legal Project; Brooke Goldstein, Director, The Lawfare Project; and Andrew McCarthy.
Session two panel included Claudia Rossett, Head of Foundation of Defense of Democracies Investigative Reporting Project and Vilma Petrash, News Producer AmericaTeVe - WJAN - Channel 41, host of "Temas de Mujer" in Venezuela.

The growing Islamic terrorist threat in South America is very real. Video to come. I wasn't able to film the entire event and there were some key--and more than a few very funny moments--that I missed but I am glad I was able to capture a few important clips.

In the below video Andrew McCarthy talks about the plot for the first attack in 1993 on the World Trade Center being hatched in Jersey City, NJ.

Frank Gaffney, NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly and unknown.

More videos to come.
Please stand by ...


Anonymous T.C. said...

Would have loved to be there!

Your photos are beautiful.

Thanks for posting.

February 29, 2012 2:03 PM  
Anonymous Infidel Task Force said...

Very well done!!

February 29, 2012 6:57 PM  

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