Thursday, December 14, 2006

Bring Ahmadinejad to Justice for Incitement to Genocide

Today at the New York County Lawyers' Association important national and international legal scholars will discuss the repeated threats by President Ahmadinejad of Iran in violation of the 1949 Genocide Convention. Among those who will address this timely and critical issue are:
Ambassador John Bolton, Outgoing U.S. Ambassador to the UNAmb. Dore Gold, Former Ambassador of Israel to the United Nations Professor Alan Dershowitz, Harvard Law School MP Irwin Cotler, Former Minister of Justice of Canada Amb. Meir Rosenne, Former Israeli Ambassador to the United StatesAmb. Eytan Bentsur, Former Director General, Israel Foreign Ministry MK Danny Naveh, Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee Professor Ruth Wedgewood, Johns Hopkins University, Martin Peretz, The New Republic.

also in today's Financial Times:
Move to charge Ahmadi-Nejad over Israel remarks
In one of his first acts since leaving his post as US ambassador to the United Nations, John Bolton will on Thursday call for legal proceedings against Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadi-Nejad for incitement to genocide.
Mr Bolton will join Dore Gold, a former Israeli ambassador to the UN, Irwin Cotler, a former Canadian attorney-general, and Nobel peace prize winner Elie Wiesel in claims that a series of public statements against Israel constitute a crime under the Genocide Convention.


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