Friday, August 15, 2008

More Political Street Art: The Playpen of Peace *UPDATED 9/8/08

Yet another installment in the Political Street Art series. Here we have what appears to be an ordinary child's playpen. But this one is filled with thousands of colored pellets.

It's the Playpen of Peace!

Then there was a line of taxi cab tops with a lot of 'hope', 'change', 'peace', 'create' stuff painted on them.

and then... inexplicably, a lemonade stand.

UPDATE 9/8/08:
Below photography shows what it was morphed into shortly after.

I took this a few days ago. Not sure what it is supposed to mean with the firetruck under a huge rock. I'll leave it to my readers to decide. At the time of this update, there are now three playpens in that same spot doing nothing except collecting trash and spewing plastic pellets. An eyesore of rubbish in an already trashed landscape.


Blogger beakerkin said...


Thanks for the shots. I am now home and amazingly I see the same freaks that are in Union Square five years later.

August 16, 2008 12:05 PM  
Blogger Urban Infidel said...

Its a nice place for moonbats to roost.
I heard Bloomberg is planning a luxury private restaurant for Union Square. The diners will not be amused by their unwashed park-mates.

August 16, 2008 12:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Interesting art in your neck of the woods there days!

At least there didn't seem to be any more devoted to the obamessiah!

August 18, 2008 9:55 PM  
Blogger defiant_infidel said...

I got the same kind of wingnuts all around me over here, UI... they just don't parade that kind of crap in your face until you get to the few cities nearby. I try to stay away from them.

Thanks as always for your contributions! Take care.

August 20, 2008 10:32 PM  
Blogger beakerkin said...


A lot has changed. I could not find the hysterical Black Hebrews on 47th.Stores I would have expected to be there on my return are gone. Likewise places I expected to die are still there.

I am always amazed at how people react when I wear my company logo. In GA veterans thanked me for my service. In LA I did not wear the logo as it is a city out of control. In KC people were glad to
see the logo.

I had a shirt from work on when I went to Mandlers on 17. I forgot about the shirt but groups of protesters headed towards me. I braced for the worst but it was the Tibetans who seem to appreciate the folks at DHS.

August 23, 2008 11:50 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

OK, that's just odd.

September 06, 2008 12:40 AM  

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