Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Manhattan Mini Storage Hates Rick Perry

I was on the subway headed downtown today to check out the the current state of the growing madness at Occupied Zucotti Square [more on that trip to psycho world coming up next]. This item caught my eye on the downtown bound No. 4 express train.

Manhattan Mini Storage, famous for their anti-conservative print ad campaigns is at it again, this time with Rick Perry in their sights. Normally the jokes are storage related but this one has abandoned their regular theme altogether and simply calls Rick Perry crazy.

These ads might actually be funny bits of political satire if they were equal opportunity jokes and went after both sides. Just think of the fun they could have with The Interventionist in Chief and his money-burning wife.

UPDATE: 12/24/11 - Also see,
Manhattan Mini Storage Really, REALLY Hates Rick Perry

And here: Manhattan Mini Storage Loves Gay Marriage, Hates Herman Cain


Anonymous pete said...


Thanks for bringing up the practices of this shameless company. Many a time I have had to stop myself from puking after reading one of their left-wing ads. As if riding the subway isn’t already close to intolerable for normal people.

November 09, 2011 1:00 AM  

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