Monday, November 14, 2011

Press Conference: New Yorkers and Local Business Owners Against OWS Zucotti Square Squatters

Tonight I went to the press conference for New York businesses against OWS Zucotti Square on the steps of City Hall.

A group of local business owners and residents organized a press conference to express their thoughts on evicting the squatters currently occupying Zucotti Square. Over the last two months the zoo-like atmosphere, the crime, the drumming, the garbage, the smell and lawbreaking has cost local businesses nearly $500,000.00 and workers are being laid off.

Coming up! Lots of video uploading. You don't want to miss these!

The below woman is the organizer of the press conference. She said she is hiding her identity out of fear of retribution from the OWS organization and the occupying squatters.

A handful of Zucotti-dwelling OWS cult members were also there to monitor and spin for the media. VIDEOS coming up!

Strange but true, some of the OWS cult members actually had the nerve to give her a hard time because she was wearing a mask.

This man represents a local restaurant that has been in business for 30 years. He explains how the Occupests have harmed his family-run business in the following two videos.

You gotta love his t-shirt!

In the below video, local business man Marc Epstein explains that because of the nearly 2-month long siege and the ensuing chaos and disruption from occupied Zucotti Square he has had to lay people off for the first time in his career.

The media was out in force and greatly outnumbered the people speaking at the press conference. The questions they asked the business owners were incredibly dumb. Like, "Why do you feel the occupied square is driving away business?" Really? What makes them 'think' this? Well, for starters try the filth, the smell, the rapes, assaults, people using the city streets as a toilet for two months. It's as if they never even bothered to go to Zucotti and take a look for themselves and report what is really happening.

UPDATE Tuesday, 11/15: This morning at about 1:00 AM Eastern, the cops finally cleared the mob and their disgusting mess out of Zucotti Square.
It's about time!

More video coming right up! Stand by..

The man below works in finance during the day and volunteers nights as a bouncer for a local coffee shop across the street from Zucotti Square. He describes his experiences to the throng of reporters and an OWS Occupest tries to heckle him.

In the below video, OWS cult member attempts a response to the plight of the local businesses that have been damaged by the occupiers of Zucotti Square.

It is worth noting that after the interview he said that prior to illegally occupying Zucotti Square, he occupied his mother’s basement.

In the below video clip he and another male-bodied OWS cultist makes fun of the press conference organizer's mask.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bloomie's letting them back in after the 11 o' clock court shindig.

BTW, that red judge Lucy Billings did the delay court order earlier:

(put all beverage down)

November 15, 2011 9:46 AM  
Anonymous New Yorker said...

OWS are violent, filthy Marxist scum.

Bloomberg, get these fleabaggers off our streets!

November 18, 2011 9:05 AM  

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