Monday, December 26, 2011

Zucotti Square: Post-OWS Occupation

I stopped by Zucotti Square this morning and was happily surprised to see the place completely cleaned out. Other than the continued beefed-up police presence and barricades that fully encircle the park to keep the Marxist Occupiers from returning, it looked pretty normal.

Just a few tourists milling around, and a small stream of gawkers strolling by checking out the scene that is no more.

There was a very small and insignificant band of OWS cultists in attendance. But the tents, mind-numbing drumming, and disgusting odors were gone.

A cop I spoke with said that the barricades and police presence were going to be a semi-permanent fixture until further notice. The owners of the park also hired their own private security patrol.

There was even a family taking photos in front of the park Christmas tree.

The shantytown is gone, but the place will forever be a magnet for political street theater. Like this fellow who is a retired Philadelphia police officer.

It is a far, far cry from the Bloomberg-created nightmare that it was. But for some reason it felt tense and unsettled, like the place was bracing itself for another onslaught of insanity.

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