Sunday, April 15, 2012

Occupy Goes to Central Park: The Movement of Perpetual Street Theater

I stopped into Central Park briefly Saturday afternoon to see what the Occupy folks were up to. There wasn't anything particularly remarkable happening so I stayed just long enough to take a few pics.
Supposedly they had gathered to protest racism, though I didn't see anything to that effect. It's a social scene--a continual protest, a chance to play dress-up.

There were a couple of hundred people gathered loosely broken down in what looked like sub-encampments each marked with a letter. And of course the only American flags present were defaced.

It was t
he same old drumming and endless mic check!s and that's pretty much it. What else has OWS accomplished except running up the taxpayer bills on police and sanitation?

The majority of the people there didn't appear have the capability to take this movement to the next step beyond drumming, hollering, playing pranks with the help of Big Labor and causing mayhem in the streets. I can't see any of them running for office and trying to effect legislature.

The Tax Dodgers!

It was very tame compared to what Occupy is threatening for May Day.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is their rallying cry:

Downgrade 2012!
Вперёд, к победе коммунизма!

Forward to victory of communism

April 16, 2012 9:28 AM  

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