Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Manhattan Mini Storage Takes on Bloomberg's Soda War

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Saw this today on the subway.  
Could it be that the Manhattan Mini Storage ads have taken up an issue that I actually agree with?

Meanwhile on the same subway car, the sodaphobic Nanny State Mayor Bloomie takes aim square at New Yorker's freedoms.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Its all about the taxes.

A 12 oz soda is what 79 cents with (guessing as not a NYC resident) a sales tax of 6 cents or 8%
A 64 oz big gulp is 1.79 with 8% (14 cents)

It takes 5.3 12 oz sodas to make a 64 oz soda so 6X5.3 = 32 cents (rounding)

500 people swap 12 oz for their 64 oz and boom, NYC rakes in an additional 90 bucks in sales taxes over what they would get from the big gulp. If that happens every day, then NYC cashes in for $32850 dollars per year. That is a conservative 500 people in NYC. If it is even 100,000 people per day drinking 5 12 ounce instead of 1 64 oz, the sales tax difference over a year is $6,570,000. Hellooooo slushie fund.

July 19, 2012 2:43 PM  

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