Saturday, August 25, 2012

A Visit to Gulf of Maine Gunsmithing

 (click to enlarge photos)
Heading up to Deer Isle, Maine today we just had to stop in along the way to see the legendary signs in front of Gulf of Maine Gunsmithing in the town of Raymond.  

We were not disappointed.  Richard Baehr over at American Thinker, a fellow Maine traveler, has sent me photos of these signs before, but this was the first time I've actually been there myself.  I had the pleasure of meeting the owner, William Darling, Jr.  He doesn't have a website, use email or even own a computer.  The 'spider signs', the smaller portable ones he used to have out in front of his gun shop, like this, are now completely banned from display in town.  Businesses can no longer have them citing a 'safety hazard' for drivers on the road.  But really it's because there were some people in town who objected to his political messages.

Every week he puts up a new message on his one remaining sign. Long may the sign of William Darling, Jr. wave, long may she wave.


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