Monday, September 14, 2015

Muslim Day Parade 2015


 What a difference a year makes.  The 2015 Muslim Day Parade was extremely toned down in blunt contrast to last year's parade.

 The theme of this year's parade was:  
"Muhammad: A Blessing to All Mankind." 
I'll just leave that right here for now..
Except for a Muslim motorcycle club dubbed 'Umma M.A.' United Muslim Bikers that blared a recorded 'end-of-the-world' warning while revving their engines down Madison Avenue, it was short, uneventful and there was very little else to see.  
VIDEO: Apocalyptic Muslim Bikers on Madison Avenue

Virtually stripped of all political street theater it was smaller than any other parade over the last several years.  No black flags of jihad flying, no blood-drenched Muslim Brotherhood photo displays or white-robed, somber women trucked down the avenue in a cage.  Gone was the female effigy swinging from a noose, overseen by thugs dressed up like thugs brandishing 'play' automatic weapons, and whip-cracking ‘Pharoahs’ being pulled on chariots by demonstrators dressed at Egyptian military etc.  Absent of any spectacle, one might almost have to ask: 'Was it really even a Muslim Day Parade?'  Also missing from the march were children from various private Muslim schools as well as certain mosques throughout the city quite notable by their omission.

 But after of all the controversy the parade generated over the last couple of years it is not surprising that they tamped down on their radicals and put them out of sight.  But I’ve seen the parade expand and contract in the past in response to negative publicity, this time most remarkably because recently it had been escalating into increasing new levels of Islamic political aggression.
Predictably, Syria was the failed Muslim state du jour. 
* * * 
Additionally absent from this parade, like all others before it, were the spectators. There are never any people lined up along the streets cheering them on.  It generates no crowds and the emptiness effect is only amplified by the sleepy Sunday midtown.  It draws no people at all, especially compared to all of the other NYC parades in Manhattan.  
 I suppose this might be taken as reassuring to us infidels here in New York City, considering how a Muslim Day Parade would roll out today in any given European city.  Now, there’s a sobering thought.
Empty streets along the parade route.

VIDEO: No spectators at The Muslim Day Parade.

Even the prayer on Madison Avenue was much, much smaller than usual.

VIDEO: Honey, somebody shrunk the prayer to Mecca!

A group of Christian proselytizers were not greeted warmly at the parade.  So much for brotherly love and all that 'people of the book' taqiyya.
VIDEO: Syrian Muslims block Christians at the post-parade events.


Aging die-hard anti-Israel marcher drops pamphlet.

The men strut like peacocks 
while the women are smothered under their black sheets.
For the full slideshow of all photos please click here.


Blogger Karridine said...

More than the pix (they're good, thankee Ma'am) are your cogent, relevant in-person observations. THESE go a long way to developing meaning, context and value of the event. Thank you, for attending and reporting on these Muslim events.

Without knowing that the Promised One of ALL previous religions came to humankind May 23, 1844 and was present until His martyrdom at the hands of Muslim clergy July 9, 1850, it is very easy to simply judge Muslims as ignorant, bestial, backward, socially and intellectually retarded because of their from-childhood indoctrination in 'we are God's latest, last and highest', but once we accept that Muslims, like Christians, Buddhists and Jews, are simply NOT YET AWARE of His coming, His fulfillment of prophecy and His life-giving reality, we can see the humans inside the ideology, and connect courteously and courageously.

September 14, 2015 9:41 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Is this America?!
Well....I am a european guy who is crying for what the corrupt and leftist eurocrats are doing to Europe by encouraging the muslim inmigration, dismantling the western values and way of life in exchange for very good wages in Brussels and financial privileges. But America ! Sorry to say but... you have too many leftist trash voters and day by day you look more like the inglorious Europe.
Obama, leftists, gay future either for America or Europe.

September 15, 2015 8:54 AM  

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