Friday, January 11, 2013

Political Street Art: The Kid with Assault Rifle Edition

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I came across this street art thing put up by Enzo & Nio in my neighborhood a little while back--before the Newtown shootings.
It has since faded, or has been covered with more posters, graffiti and the generally irritating visual noise and clutter around here.
 This 'poster child', as it were, is another example of the stark raving, almost psychotic hypocrisy on the Left when it comes to violence.  Though I'm sure it was intended to be 'chic' or 'ironic' or something.
It also shows you what amateurs these people are.  I'm sure it's a toy, but anyone who is properly trained with firearms knows not to keep your finger on the trigger when you're not shooting.
If Bill Ayers and Barry 'Executive Order' Soetoro had a daughter, she would look just like this.

Big thanks to The Jawa Report for the link!

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UPDATE: 1/15/2013
Here's another crazy-eyed, creepy Prog girl child soldier that I saw this week.
 Please click to enlarge this photo, because you have to see the look in this kid's eyes.  


Anonymous Michelle Obama's Credit Card said...

Looks like the OWS version of Islamic jihad.

January 15, 2013 12:34 PM  

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