Saturday, May 25, 2013

Woolwich Islamic Beheading: EDL's Tommy Robinson "Sleepwalking into Oblivion"

Tommy Robinson on the savage beheading of British soldier, Drummer Lee Rigby by Islamic terrorists in broad daylight.

Hat tip, Atlas Shrugs!

Lots more here from Tommy Robinson, whom I had the great honor of meeting last year at the 'Stop the Islamization of Nations' conference.
Also please read this important and incisive piece, "Rivers of Blood" over at American Rattlesnake.

"Once again, the words of Enoch Powell appear prescient, although perhaps in not quite the way the late British parliamentarian and classicist intended. In the same week that Swedes have been besieged by aggrieved jihadists imported by their own government, Londoners experienced yet another subsidiary benefit of multiculturalism. This time, in the form of a Nigerian convert to Islam ritualistically slaughtering a member of the British Army."
... full article here.


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