Saturday, March 31, 2007

Rally Against Islamo-Fascism at Ground Zero *Updates cont'd!

Here is my photo slide show.
Links to video coming up shortly from Paul Revere Brigade..

So please stay tuned!

I had the honor of shaking the hand of each of these
fine US Navy Sailors! Made my day.

It was a nice show of patriotism in New York City from a diverse and dedicated group of people, some who even came in from other states. We got the interest of many tourists and passersby as well.

I met an English family from Manchester visiting Ground Zero who said they can't even fly the Union Jack in their yards, lawns or in front of businesses because it offends members of the Religion of Peace and that you can even get arrested for flying it. Can you believe that? Well, I can tell you with a fair amount of certainty that will never happen here in America. *Update: It was brought forward that this is an 'urban myth' in the UK. See comments section for info. *Update: 4/2/07 Apparently it is NOT a myth. A commenter from London has weighed in!

Some tourists were even picking up American flags and getting into the spirit of things!

Okay, I caught a shot of this guy, but I'm not sure he was there for the rally.

Updates coming in moment-by-moment: Sunday, April 1, 2007

Here is the list of speakers who all did a wonderful job getting the message out.
- Joan / CSDL (Coalition for a Secure Driver's License)
- Gayle / NJCIC (New Jersey Citizens for Immigration Control)
- Joanna / NYICE (New York Immigration Control & Enforcement /
- Desiree / Surviving family member of the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center
- Miguel / You Don't Speak For Me (American Hispanic Voices Against Illegal Immigration)
- Mallory / The David Horowitz Freedom Foundation
- Hope / Get Out The Facts - Which had success recently picketing and challenging the lies and distortions in the off-Broadway play, "My Name is Rachel Corrie"
- Dan / Gathering of Eagles New York Chapter
- Marty / Paul Revere Brigade
- Richard / Hip Hop Republican
- Ibrahim Abdul Mu-min / President of the New York Chapter of the Free Muslims Coalition Against Terrorism

- Christine / Vigilant Freedom The 910 Group

Here is great photo from this slide show taken by another person who was there.

I would also like to thank the German website, Politically Incorrect for linking this story!

*UPDATES: Photos from the other rallies across the country are starting to come in and can be seen here. They really did hang an effigy of bin Laden in Anaheim, CA. Oh my!

And big giant thanks to Charles at LittleGreenFootballs for posting this!

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Nutroot 'Peace & Justice' Parade in Manhattan

I went to the 'Peace & Justice' parade this afternoon.

In sharp contrast with the Gathering of Eagles yesterday in DC, large amounts of insanity were spotted in Manhattan today.

We were the only counter-protesters there. You'll recognize our banner pics, front and back.

Little Green Footballs has a post up with a slideshow of my pics here.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Happy St. Patrick's Day

I am half Irish. Although I've never really 'felt' Irish, I am in ways. I have to be. Both sides of my mother's family go back to County Cork. My ancestors were wealthy Irish landowners displaced by the British and then came to the colonies before the Revolutionary War. They landed in Rhode Island and became very prosperous in New England.

They worked hard, lived well and were very religious -- okay, there might have been a couple of horse thieves along the way -- but they helped build a strong American society. They still had customs from the old world. There is a photograph of my grandfather as a boy dressed in curls and a lace frock. I asked why and was told that it was the way that people dressed their children back then. It comes from ancient folklore where people disguised their male children as girls as to protect them from being stolen by fairies.

I hope everyone is enjoying this wonderful holiday celebration, which now has been officially knighted by the beer industry 'The St. Patrick's Day Season'. In it's honor, I'd like to recommend book called The Irish Story: Telling Tales and Making it Up in Ireland by R.F. Foster, the acclaimed Yeats biographer.

From the book description:
... examines how the Irish have written, understood, used, and misused their history over the past century. Foster argues that, over the centuries, Irish experience itself has been turned into story. He examines how and why the key moments of Ireland's past--the 1798 Rising, the Famine, the Celtic Revival, Easter 1916, the Troubles--have been worked into narratives, drawing on Ireland's powerful oral culture, on elements of myth, folklore, ghost stories and romance. The result of this constant reinterpretation is a shifting "Story of Ireland," complete with plot, drama, suspense, and revelation. The Irish Story examines the stories that people tell each other in Ireland and why. Foster provides an unsparing view of the way Irish history is manipulated for political ends and that Irish misfortunes are sentimentalized and packaged. He offers incisive readings of writers from Standish O'Grady to Trollope and Bowen; dissects the Irish government's commemoration of the 1798 uprising; and bitingly critiques the memoirs of Gerry Adams and Frank McCourt.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Video of Lynne Stewart and Ward Churchill's 'Gloat Party'

Here is some footage from inside the Lynne Stewart 'Gloat Party' back in December. You'll see a nice shot of our banner outside at the end.
* Update: More on Ward Churchill at PirateBallerina.

Friday, March 02, 2007

Spectacular Greek Antiquity Discovered

Being a lover of art and antiquities, I would like to depart from politics for a moment to gaze upon this superb example of Greek marble sculpture. Sadly the head and hands didn't survive but the mastery can be seen in the fine stone carving of the torso and in the folds of the tunic.

A 2,200-year-old statue of the goddess Hera has been found in a wall of a city under Mount Olympus, mythical home of Greece's ancient gods, archaeologists announced Thursday.

The statue, dating to the 2nd century B.C. was discovered last year during excavations in the town of Dion, near Mt Olympus in northern Greece.

News link.