Wednesday, March 25, 2009

AIG Political Street Art

These posters are plastered all over my neighborhood way out here in Obama County, Brooklyn USA. The very epicenter of Obamaganda.

Apparently the AIG snafu isn't going over well with the Left wing artists. I'm not happy about the AIG bonus problem either, but what about the trillion dollar spending boondoggle that will probably triple by the time President Government gets through with us.

Striking is the absence of the Omnipresent One in this hopeless iconic mishmash. If this were happening under a McCain or Republican administration, the heads of the President and Cabinet would undoubtedly be depicted with fangs dripping with blood in posters all over the place. Like they did with Sarah Palin, whose only crime was to have the nerve to run for office. Effigies would be hung from front lawns and burned in the streets.

When the Left uses the American flag in political art or demonstrations it always seems to be in either an ironic way, upside down or desecrated. Kind of sad, really.

UPDATE! The below image is courtesy of Michael Travis who sent me his delicious take on this otherwise dry, dull example of Statist street art. I like it. He even got the fangs-dripping-with-blood part in!

(Click on image to enlarge)