Monday, August 27, 2007

Union Square Moonbat Potpourri

I just happened to have my camera with me on the way home from work tonight and happened upon yet another demonstration in Union Square Park. It was a mixed bag of issues all tossed in like a crazy salad. First up was a speech about ending the oppression of women who are being attacked in Palestine. But not by the people you would think. Need I?

Next on the roster was convicted and unrepentant cop-killer Mumia -- the natural hero of the peace movement. He was lauded to clapping, hoots and cheers. Yup! There's good news a' coming for ol' oppressed cold blooded Mumia they promised. Good news indeed.

Next up were the LGBT, who as we all know, hold plenty of sway in the Middle East. No mention of the systemic and murderous oppression of homosexuals there. Not a chance.

It was everything under the sun. A regular potpourri of Commie gremlins. The only group noticeably absent were the troofers. I wonder what held them up. Usually they are out in legion in Union Square Park.

THE HIGHLIGHT: At one point, someone in the crowd was jeered and chased nearly out of the park by a man handing out flyers for the upcoming End-the-War-Now convergence in Washington, DC. His crime? Carrying a copy of The New York Post in a public place.

Here are few more shots of this anemic and confused gathering.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Pro-Madrassa Rally for Khalil Gibran School

I always wanted to play the violin. In Jr. High School I signed up for the violin in music class but to my surprise the boys had already taken all the string instruments. It sure would have come in handy last night when I went to the pro-Madrassa Rally yesterday in front of the NYC Department of Education headquarters downtown on Chambers Street.
In attendance were the usual assortment of Park Slope liberals talking about diversity. Lots of 'blah blah, poor us'.. 'poor Arabs, poor Muslims', so discriminated against. Crazy Rabbi Feinberg [pictured above center] said that the controversial resigned principal, Dabah Almontaser couldn't be at the rally because she was 'concerned for her personal security.' OH BROTHER! He also proclaimed the Stop the Madrassa group, the UAC and the Gathering of Eagles were pretty much pro-war fascist organizations guilty of committing the 'lowest of McCarthyite tactics'.

Demands for the return of Dabah Almontaser as principal were chanted and lots of boos for Presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani and for the New York Post as well as for Randi Weingarten from the United Federation of Teachers who came out against the INTIFADA NYC t-shirts. Poor them, the whole world is just mean and racist against them. The INTIFADA NYC was just a 'big misunderstanding' .... but a 'legitimate struggle' for poor them.... get me a violin!
Here are my photos from the whine-fest.

In response to this, Assemblyman Dov Hikind (D-Brooklyn) said the school's children could be "indoctrinated" and warned in a statement that "establishment of an Arab school is a misguided and dangerous idea." He wrote a letter to Schools Chancellor Joel Klein to protest the school's opening.

He released the following statement:

"[Almontaser] said that 'intifada' means to 'shake off.' We know that 'intifada' means the killing of innocent men, women and children. And now, the sponsors and organizational endorsers of the school advance a boycott of Israel and divestment. Is this what we want taught in our public schools? Is this how we want New York children to be indoctrinated?

"Instead of enriching our students' grasp of diverse cultures, will this school become a morass of polarization and justification of terror tactics? Establishment of an Arab school is a misguided and dangerous idea. I am calling on you, as Chancellor, to abolish this school before it becomes firmly entrenched. At first I embraced the idea (of a school which teaches the Arabic language) albeit, somewhat less than enthusiastically, but nevertheless, I felt the country needed skilled students steeped in Arab language and culture.

"All signs point to this concept as being a precarious mistake, especially with its radical endorsements. Do we want a school to teach its students that Hamas militants are freedom fighters, and that Israel is an apartheid state? This school is ill-advised. It will not, as suggested, be a hope for peace; it is a blueprint for anti-Israel and anti-U.S. extremism. As per their website, Adalah-NY 'supports boycott, divestment and sanctions against Israel.' The school should not be opened for the September term."

Monday, August 20, 2007

Street Art: Anti-War or Anti-Troops? ... Upated! 8/25

The latest in the wave of political street 'art' in my area has produced these three figures of blindfolded US Soldiers wearing human skull t-shirts being killed. Are our soldiers wearing skulls and blindfolds because this 'artist' thinks they are all blind killers? Is it anti-war, or anti-troops? Knowing the moonbats around here, it's easy to see.

... UPDATE 8/25: To my great surprise someone painted crosses over each of these horrendous anti-troop figures. You have understand just how lefty looney this neighborhood has become to truly appreciate the idea that someone other than myself cares about our troops being desecrated in this manner. I would love to meet the person who did this and say 'thanks.'