Friday, November 18, 2011

OWS Cult Attempts to Silence and Intimidate Me

I never post emails but from disgruntled readers but this one really takes the cake.

Last night I was giving 'em hell on the OWS Day of Action Riot livestream chat when this little ditty drops into my inbox from an Occupy Wall Street drone dubbed
'Amber Sands' at

Originating IP Address:

Please stop spreading lies about the Occupy Wall Street Movement.

Do not Troll Livesteam feed.

You have our attention.

We are Anonymous.
We are Legion.
We do not forgive.
We do not forget.
Expect us.

Isn't that nice?

Well, Mr. 'Amber Sands' here's some news for you. I'm glad I have your attention now because I, along with the civilized world, watched what you did to my city last night. And what I saw was repulsive.
I don't need to tell lies about OWS, the horror script with you guys just seems to write itself. It's getting to be almost old hat to recount the daily OWS rapes, deaths, suicides, assaults, thefts, hypodermic needles and human waste running in rivers in our city streets.

So now you can add paralyzing New York City traffic, shutting down bridges and subways packed with honest citizens just assuming their lives, chasing down little grade school children and assaulting police officers.

Here is the latest Occupest rap sheet.

If you think you are going silence me you are very wrong.

Oh, and as a bonus, here's a picture of one of your Legion from the pigsty asylum at Zucotti Square.

UPDATE Saturday 11/19/11 @11:00 AM EST
Here's an extra added bonus from our Armed Forces.
I think they share my sentiments.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Press Conference: New Yorkers and Local Business Owners Against OWS Zucotti Square Squatters

Tonight I went to the press conference for New York businesses against OWS Zucotti Square on the steps of City Hall.

A group of local business owners and residents organized a press conference to express their thoughts on evicting the squatters currently occupying Zucotti Square. Over the last two months the zoo-like atmosphere, the crime, the drumming, the garbage, the smell and lawbreaking has cost local businesses nearly $500,000.00 and workers are being laid off.

Coming up! Lots of video uploading. You don't want to miss these!

The below woman is the organizer of the press conference. She said she is hiding her identity out of fear of retribution from the OWS organization and the occupying squatters.

A handful of Zucotti-dwelling OWS cult members were also there to monitor and spin for the media. VIDEOS coming up!

Strange but true, some of the OWS cult members actually had the nerve to give her a hard time because she was wearing a mask.

This man represents a local restaurant that has been in business for 30 years. He explains how the Occupests have harmed his family-run business in the following two videos.

You gotta love his t-shirt!

In the below video, local business man Marc Epstein explains that because of the nearly 2-month long siege and the ensuing chaos and disruption from occupied Zucotti Square he has had to lay people off for the first time in his career.

The media was out in force and greatly outnumbered the people speaking at the press conference. The questions they asked the business owners were incredibly dumb. Like, "Why do you feel the occupied square is driving away business?" Really? What makes them 'think' this? Well, for starters try the filth, the smell, the rapes, assaults, people using the city streets as a toilet for two months. It's as if they never even bothered to go to Zucotti and take a look for themselves and report what is really happening.

UPDATE Tuesday, 11/15: This morning at about 1:00 AM Eastern, the cops finally cleared the mob and their disgusting mess out of Zucotti Square.
It's about time!

More video coming right up! Stand by..

The man below works in finance during the day and volunteers nights as a bouncer for a local coffee shop across the street from Zucotti Square. He describes his experiences to the throng of reporters and an OWS Occupest tries to heckle him.

In the below video, OWS cult member attempts a response to the plight of the local businesses that have been damaged by the occupiers of Zucotti Square.

It is worth noting that after the interview he said that prior to illegally occupying Zucotti Square, he occupied his mother’s basement.

In the below video clip he and another male-bodied OWS cultist makes fun of the press conference organizer's mask.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Happy Veteran's Day!

I didn't make it to the parade on Fifth Avenue today but I want to wish all of the members of the
U.S. Armed Forces a very
Happy Veteran's Day!

Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Occupy Wall Street: Zucotti Square Day 53 & Counting - The Crazy Has Set In

So much has been said about this movement, it has no discernible point, it smells, it's violent, it has rapes, arson, assault, vandalism, theft and psychotics running the place along with a growing rap sheet, so I wasn't sure what else I could find. Since the encampments have become more and more dangerous, I wasn't sure I wanted to risk it, but I went anyway.

I went back to Zucotti Square yesterday because David Crosby and Graham Nash were going to perform and since I had the afternoon free I figured I'd head down to check out the absurd scenery. I missed the show but found something else: the Left's total hatred of Israel and probably Jews. Now, it's never been a secret but to see it openly and unchecked on full display was disturbing.

What struck me immediately was the bivouac-style tents and the permanence of the place. Here below is some video footage of the tents and a couple of OWS'ers defacing an American flag.

Hanging high and in the middle of it all, underscoring the risk of sexual assault in the occupied tent city is a large, painted canvas depicting the Virgin Mary as a protector of women and girls [and men!] from being raped.
How nice.

What can I possibly say about this, except for the draftsman's acute attention to anatomy and detail?

A great place to bring your kids!

In addition to the perversion and profanity I came across the following scenes and here's where it gets even uglier.

The takeaway? Jews are not loved at OWS.

The two gentlemen holding these two signs, above and below, were having a calm discussion about Israel and the Middle East. The guy with the 'end all wars and bombing' sign was pretty laid back and open to listening as the other recounted basic history of the founding of Israel. I have to admit, I was surprised to see an Israel supporter there so I hung out for a while to hear what he had to say.

At one point an older African American guy dressed up in elaborate beads, woven tribal garb and head dress came by and looked at the sign about rockets and Gaza. He asked the man holding it if he really believed what he had written. He that Israel is racist and they are just 'Europeans' who should 'go back to where they came from.' There was a lot of agreement from the small crowd.

As all this was happening I was aware of the rather large black guy immediately to my left. I wasn't paying too much attention to him but I did notice that he was paying very close attention to the conversation. Normally, I don't get involved or talk to the OWSers but when I said that Israel wants peace, the man next to me erupted out of his silence.

He ranted loudly for at least a full 3 minutes before I had the nerve to take out my camera. I made sure to glance over at the line of cops along the barricades because there was no telling what would happen. There were several very tense moments as I wondered if he would start throwing his fists.
All the spewing about Israel caught the attention of an Arab media camera crew, don't know which one. They, along with their translator took great interest in interviewing this angry man. So one could reasonably assume that this will be broadcast all over the Islamic world.

Full slide show of photos here.

Or, you can click here for the gallery view.

More video to come! Please stand by.

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Manhattan Mini Storage Hates Rick Perry

I was on the subway headed downtown today to check out the the current state of the growing madness at Occupied Zucotti Square [more on that trip to psycho world coming up next]. This item caught my eye on the downtown bound No. 4 express train.

Manhattan Mini Storage, famous for their anti-conservative print ad campaigns is at it again, this time with Rick Perry in their sights. Normally the jokes are storage related but this one has abandoned their regular theme altogether and simply calls Rick Perry crazy.

These ads might actually be funny bits of political satire if they were equal opportunity jokes and went after both sides. Just think of the fun they could have with The Interventionist in Chief and his money-burning wife.

UPDATE: 12/24/11 - Also see,
Manhattan Mini Storage Really, REALLY Hates Rick Perry

And here: Manhattan Mini Storage Loves Gay Marriage, Hates Herman Cain