Wednesday, February 29, 2012

#OWS Street Art: The 'Can You Guess What the Occupest Is Doing?' Edition

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I came across this odd bit of OWS art scrawled in blue ballpoint pen on a sheet of 8 1/2 x 11 paper taped to a wall of an old warehouse building about to be demolished. I took a few shots, filed it under 'look at it later' and here I am still wondering what the little masked Occubrat is doing.

Is he starting a fire? Is he throwing urine or feces?
Or is he about to lob a grenade?

You decide.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The 2012 National Security & New Media Conference and Mightier Pen Award

The lovely Monica Crowley, Radio Host and FOX News Contributor.

Today I was pleased to attend the
Center for Security Policy National Security and New Media Journalism Project's
2012 National Security & New Media Conference
Under the Gun: Reporting News in a Dangerous World
The Mightier Pen Award
honoring Roger E. Ailes, Chairman, FOX Television Stations, Inc.
at The Union League Club in Manhattan.

To follow are highlights and video.
All photos are high resolution, so please click to enlarge.

Monica Crowley, Roger Ailes and Frank Gaffney

Andrew McCarthy, former Chief Assistant U.S. Attorney

Frank Gaffney, Director of the Center for Security Policy

Fred Grandy, former U.S. Congressman

Rich Lowry, Editor, The National Review

Lou Dobbs, FOX News host and Frank Gaffney

The first part of the Center for Security Policy program consisted of two sessions: Growing Censorship of Free Speech and Escalating State Violence Against Political and Religious Expression. Session one panel speakers included Sam Nunberg, Director Middle East Forum - The Legal Project; Brooke Goldstein, Director, The Lawfare Project; and Andrew McCarthy.
Session two panel included Claudia Rossett, Head of Foundation of Defense of Democracies Investigative Reporting Project and Vilma Petrash, News Producer AmericaTeVe - WJAN - Channel 41, host of "Temas de Mujer" in Venezuela.

The growing Islamic terrorist threat in South America is very real. Video to come. I wasn't able to film the entire event and there were some key--and more than a few very funny moments--that I missed but I am glad I was able to capture a few important clips.

In the below video Andrew McCarthy talks about the plot for the first attack in 1993 on the World Trade Center being hatched in Jersey City, NJ.

Frank Gaffney, NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly and unknown.

More videos to come.
Please stand by ...

Sunday, February 26, 2012

OWS Street Art: The Bomb n' Change Edition

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Spotted this today in my lamentable neighborhood of Williamsburg, Brooklyn--or as I like to call it, The Village of the Damned. The OWS cult has taken root here because nothing says anarchy like $9,000.00 a month rent and organic soy lattes.

If I had to dig down really deep, the only good thing I can possibly say is that at least they are finally being honest about this violent movement.

It could be a great new campaign logo for Barack Hussein Obama 2012 courtesy of #OWS. I'm sure his buddy Bill Ayers would love it.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

NYPD Using Obama-Approved Drones

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 I saw this today and at first I thought it was a joke, but it isn't. The New York City Police Department now using Obama-approved drones for domestic surveillance.

Last Tuesday the Undocumented President signed a law that forces the FAA to "allow police and first responders to fly drones under 4.4 pounds" at an altitude of under 400 feet.

The Blaze picked up my post and has background on the story here:
Send In the Drones ... Don't Bother, They're Here.

* * * UPDATE 12/2012 - It turns out that this 'street sign' was not made by the New York City Police Department.  It was created by street artist, Essam Attia who I had rightly pegged early on as a 'rogue art school libertarian' after spotting a number of examples of his stenciled series of Thomas Jefferson quotes earlier this year in Brooklyn.  
Attia was recently arrested for other satirical NYPD drone posters that appeared throughout the city in November which caused the Mayor and the police embarrassment. Shown in his videotaped interview with Animal New York are shots of of the NYPD drone activity sign and the stencils of his Jefferson quotes are against the wall of his studio in the background.

Friday, February 17, 2012

An Evening with Paul Weston, Chair of the British Freedom Party

Last night I attended a private reception in Manhattan arranged by Brigitte Gabriel's ACT for America for Paul Weston, the Chair of the newly formed British Freedom Party.
Following in the footsteps of Geert Wilders' Freedom Party of the Netherlands, Mr. Weston's goals are to counteract the spread of Islamic fundamentalism in Britain.

His platform consists of:
  • Stopping Muslim immigration to the Britain for a period of years.
  • Repairing the damage done to the nation's education system.
  • Tackle the growth in crime.
  • Promote British values and culture.

Much of what he said last night here on free U.S. soil if spoken in England would result in arrest and prosecution in his homeland. Hell, there's even a fatwa against curved bananas because they resemble a crescent and therefore insults Islam, so straight bananas only are allowed. Yes, that's just how completely insane it has become. We do not want this happening here--or anywhere else in the free world.

I shot several videos of his talk which focused on the problems of mass immigration and multiculturalism in Britain and Europe. Apologies for the camera on the table, 'spy' point of view but the audio is good. Besides, blogging is just that way sometimes--you gotta plunk your camera down anywhere you can and let it roll.

There's a lot of interesting stuff here, so please sit back and enjoy.

Bjorn Larsen of the International Free Press Society introduces Paul Weston

Also please see 'A Warning from Britain' for more on Paul Weston's talk in New York over at The American Thinker.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

CPAC 2012

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Sarah Palin came out a little while before her speech to say hello to fellow CPAC goers. Yes, I was that close! It was quite a crowd of people but it was great to see her. She is gorgeous in person.

(click to enlarge)

I expected to see a throng of OWS thugs mobbed around the hotel where the conference was taking place but it looked like the police had cleared them out. There were no disruptions except for the outburst of the #OWS battle cry; 'mic check!' at Palin's speech. If you haven't seen it already there's video coming up.

VIDEOS: Sarah Palin comes out to say hello!

She is amazing!

This was only part of the line waiting to get in to see Sarah's speech. She drew a packed house--standing room only.

(click to enlarge)

All in all, it was a great day and I got to meet a lot of really cool people. Even had a book signed by John Bolton!

Future U.S. Secretary of State? One can only hope!!

Chris Matthews looked as though he'd been through hell.


I spotted these two guys in the lobby and grabbed a couple of shots right before both their signs were quickly taken away. At first glance I thought they might be OWS crashers, but I didn't get to speak with them so I don't know what their story was.

Here's the sign being taken away by security.

* * *

Great Joke at CPAC: Kevin Jackson on a CPAC Tea Party panel said "the Occupy movement has him madder than Janet Napolitano's blind date."

Afterward in the cab to Union Station I caught this small band of Occupiers about a block away. You can hear them being heckled by some people leaving CPAC.

Thursday, February 09, 2012

#OWS Graffiti: Puns 'Intented' & I'm Going to CPAC 2012!

Here's some of the latest from the #OWS Williamsburg bitter clingers. It just strikes me so funny because this silly neighborhood now has rents in the $5,000.00 to $10,000.00-a-month range and luxury condos going for millions.

Anyway, the good news is that I'm going to
CPAC 2012 on Saturday!
It will be my first time there, so I'm pretty excited.

And it also looks like the #OWS DC mob has threatened physical violence against anyone attending the conference with disruptions and various other tantrums. Well, that's fine by me. Because there's nothing I love more than to post photos of these idiots on my blog.

So, please stay tuned... I'll be on an express train before dawn Saturday morning headed straight into it.

Sunday, February 05, 2012

Disinformation Graffiti: The Anti-Truth Edition

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I came across this bit of graffiti in my daily travels in Williamsburg today. How clever these monstrous little beasts are! Mocking the catch-phrase slogan of one of last lines of defense against Islamic terrorism--citizens coming forward with tips on possible threats. I guess these idiots didn't lose anyone on 9/11, so it's all just one big joke. A punch line.

Additionally, and no less loathsome, attacking the truth is a long-loved tactic of the Left. They provide harbor, cover and comfort to our enemies.
Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil.

Thursday, February 02, 2012

#OWS May Day Agitprop

Ah ... SPRING!
When a young man's fancy lightly turns to thoughts of love
, ...
or mob rule in this case.

It's not spring just yet, but here in NY it sure feels like it and you can be assured that the angry street thugs will be out in force on May Day.

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

OWS Street Graffiti: Be The Crisis

Grabbed these shots yesterday.

Never too early to start planning for your next riot. May Day is coming so the OWS mob is probably readying their face masks and iPads and firing up their Facebook accounts.

"Everything for everyone."
Translation: 'We're going to throw a tantrum because we want your stuff.'

And seriously, WTF???
This is part of a street mural ad by the animated cartoon channel, Adult Swim. It's a large mural painted right smack in the middle of the main drag. I just threw it in as a visual. It all kind of works together. Malevolent immaturity.

UPDATE: Wednesday 2/1 @ 3:35 PM!
I just walked by again and literally overnight the Adult Swim mural was painted over by the OWS cult. I guess they related to the ski-masked, underwear-clad mascot.

UPDATE: Thursday, 2/2
That was quick!
The mural has been restored.
The advertising fees for Bedford Avenue in Williamsburg must be pretty steep.

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