Saturday, April 04, 2015

Abu Bakr, Husband of Queens Muslima Noelle Velentzas Charged in Islamic Terror Bomb Plot Marched in the NYC Muslim Day Parades with Black Flag of Jihad

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 Abu Bakr at the 2007 Muslim Day Parade.
Abu Bakr, husband of Noelle Velentzas, a woman charged along with Asia Siddiqui in an Islamic terrorist bomb plot in New York City has marched in several New York City Muslim Day Parades carrying the extremist black death flag of violent jihad.

Here are some photos and video that I took of Abu Bakr in past NYC Muslim Day Parades with his Islamic black flag of death.  Please be sure to click on the links provided below highlighted in red for much, much more on Abu Bakr, his presence at the Muslim Day Parades, his women and his Jamaica, Queens mosque.

Abu Bakr's Flag of Islamic Death flying on Madison Avenue, New York City. 

 Abu Bakr at the 2012 Muslim Day Parade

 Could this be the wife of Abu Bakr? 
Noelle Velentzas, aspiring terrorist charged with plotting to bomb New York City Police Department funerals at the 2012 Muslim Day Parade?

Abu Bakr's 'ladies' at the 2013 Muslim Day Parade

See VIDEO! of Abu Bakr marching down Madison Avenue in 2013 with his cadre of radical females, perhaps even multiple wives.

At the 2013 Muslim Day Parade
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 The mosque in Queens that Abu Bakr, Noelle Velentzas and Asia Siddiqui attend.

*UPDATE 4/6/2015:  It has been confirmed that it is in fact, Noelle Velentzas shown in my photos and videos in this report and in my previous blog posts covering the NYC Muslim Day Parades.