Saturday, June 20, 2009

Election Protests in Iran / Updated!


Now where have we heard that before? Sort of ironic when you think of it with President Present and his late and tepid show of support for the Iranian people. The above image I found on eBay. I'm sure it will start appearing on t-shirts soon everywhere. I think there should be a hellvua lot of caution before marrying artsy cutesy revolutionary fervor with someone like Mousavi. He isn't exactly as pure as the driven snow, you know. This is a guy who was part of the bloody revolution in 1979.
UPDATE 6/23: Mousavi was likely behind the 1983 bombing in Beirut which killed 241 US Servicemen!

There is a demonstration in New York City planned for Friday, June 26 outside of the former Iraninian Embassy in Manhattan to show support for the Iranian people but it is being organzined by a group of Communists. I'll be covering those with a very critical eye. I am rooting for freedom before anything. As someone who documents political speech, I doff my hat to the brave bloggers, photographers, videographers in Iran. Well done! The world is watching breathlessly.

Check out Raye Man Kojast? Where is My Vote? for up-to-the-minute details!

Bob Dylan quoted in a sign on the streets of Tehran yesterday.

Congratulations to the Iranian people for their peaceful and exuberant demonstrations. I'd like to see them flush Khameini and his gang down the toilet.

VIDEO: Today in Tehran. The mood hasn't lightened yet and there are breaking reports of violence and crackdown.