Sunday, October 09, 2011

Occupy Wall Street Revisited - Zucotti Square: Bio-Hazard Colony Emits Weapons Grade Odor

Twenty two days into the Occupy Wall Street wail and whine festival a shanty town has taken root in the financial district. Curious about how things had developed since day one when I was there over three weeks ago as the whole thing started, I decided to head downtown and check it over before they hose these bums off the sidewalk.

I've never seen anything like it before. The SMELL was overwhelming.
The below video actually conveys the experience.
Behold, smell-o-vision! Click, if you dare.

Seriously, it was a disgusting, awful mess.
People were coughing and hacking, and itching and scratching.

Wandering carefully through the thick of things, which I can only liken to a jungle of pure filth, there was the definite sense that one could contract a number of contagious and very unpleasant sicknesses.

Casually reading a copy of The Onion camped out in a public park.

Sprawling squalor accompanied by endless drumming droning on in the background.

There were piles and piles of garbage.

Have I mentioned the SMELL? It was overpowering.

The square should be declared a public health hazard. Scrape these illegal squatters off the city streets. They are going to have to sandblast the place in order to decontaminate.

Hippie tries to explain the reason for being there.

The weed table.

Naturally in the middle of all this was a media center loaded with the latest technology.

LOTS more photos and some really great VIDEOS coming up soon.

Here is the photo slide show!

VIDEOS are over at my YouTube channel. Check 'em out!

"You can have sex with animals."

Saturday, October 08, 2011

Day of Rage Occupy Wall Street Extra Footage

Finally uploaded all of the videos I shot at the debut of the Day o' Rage Occupy Wall Street thing a couple of weeks back. I found a couple of gems.

Like this one from Zucotti Square. A couple of raging revolutionaries are contemplating heading over to Wall Street and one of them asks,
"Are we talking a cab?"

Or how about this one of Reverend Billy Talen? Anyone know what the hell he is talking about?

And this one just for fun! Come on people, 'Join the Conga line!'

I am going to head downtown tomorrow to see what's what before they hose these bums off the sidewalk. Apparently a shantytown of crybabies has sprung up and it has turned into a full-blown colonization at Zucotti Square.