Thursday, September 27, 2012

Barack Hussein Obama 'Birther' Certificate Ceramic Tray for Sale in New York City

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I was heading toward the subway on Broadway and 19th Street when I spotted this interesting window display at Fishs Eddy, a glass and dinnerware shop.
There in the window was a huge blow-up of the much-disputed 'certificate of live birth' released by the White House in attempt to sway opinion right before the release of Jerome Corsi's New York Times bestselling book, Where's the Birth Certificate?.
Just in time for the holidays!

 The perfect stocking stuffer for a crumbling Republic.  A ceramic tray commemorating the phony birth certificate that Obama and his team of amateurs hastily cobbled together and trotted out to sate the growing disbelief of the American public.
 A real conversation starter, or ender!  Depending of course on who is sitting at your holiday dinner table. 
They are sold out and now taking orders for the next run.
I love the window display.  
So cynical and yet so wonderful.
Start your holiday time family fights early this year!

BIG THANKS to The Blaze for the link!
Also linked at the blog, Obama Conspiracy Theories. 

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Muslim Day Parade 2012

I went to the Muslim Day Parade today.  
It's never a happy event and as I had expected, there were calls for instating blasphemy laws all day long.
In the years since I first started going to this parade in 2007, it was obvious that the radical elements previously displayed had been tamped down for public relations reasons. This year, the Mohammed movie brought it all simmering to the top as you will see in the videos posted below.

For example the man in white pictured above was waving the black flag of violent Islamic jihad at the 2007 parade and at the 2008 parade. Today he was waving a Puerto Rican flag, seen below.

More coming!!  A lot more!

 VIDEO: Elected city officials, Robert Jackson (D) NYC Councilman and Tony Avella, New York State Senator (D) 11th District marching along Madison Avenue with shouts of "Allahu akbar!" and "Takbir!".

 There are two women in this photo.  
Can you see them?

(please click to enlarge all photos)

 This woman below offered a "Draw your own subway sign" action in response to the court-ordered American Freedom Defense subway ads against violent jihad and terrorism set to run on MTA subways and buses this week. 
 The sign she's holding was drawn by a 4-year old.

 Hmm.. what to wear ... what to wear...

The black flag of Islamic jihad waving during a presentation by young school girls.  

The only sign at the parade about attack at the American Consulate in Benghazi and the murder of Ambassador Stevens.  Of course no mention of Glen A. Doherty, Sean Smith, and Tyrone S. Woods, the other three Americans murdered at the Consulate.

 The only remembrance of 9/11.  A 'Flag of Honor.'  Which was nice until I walked another two steps..
..and saw this American flag thrown on the ground.

 This flag, however, never touched the ground.

Keep your eye out for the man in the orange hat, Shahbaz Chishti Sahib.  He's an imam at a Coney Island mosque and in the below must-see video, he calls for the implementing and prosecuting of blasphemy laws in the United States.  

While listening to this man and many other speakers, I felt like I could have been in Najaf, Kabul, Ramallah, Jakarta, Mecca, Damascus, Lebanon or Tehran.

Watch for the Nazi salute at the end.  Just imagine what he must be saying behind closed doors at his mosque.

VIDEO: I started filming this soft-voiced radical after she talked about making 'martyrs in the womb'. UPDATE: At the 5:01 mark, you can see NY State Senator Tony Avella finally get fed up and leave!

VIDEO: Crying 'Islamophobia'.  So basically what's he's saying about 'yelling fire in a crowded theater' in comparison to a laughable, low-budget youtube trailer about Mohammad, is that Muslims will not, can not, and should not ever be accountable for their own violent and deadly actions.

Lots more photos and videos to come!
You don't want to miss this.  
You won't believe what I heard today on American soil.

Something completely new to the parade--a group of women making a statement about domestic violence.
* * *

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So, while uploading videos and photos I'm flipping through the official magazine of the 2012 Muslim Day Parade when I see the above photo illustration of the black flag of totalitarian Islam flying above the White House.  It accompanies an article about the struggle for the Ummah in North America.  Here it is posted below.  Click to enlarge.


 A 'legal observer' was there from The National Lawyer's Guild. I'm guessing not because our First Amendment Rights are being attacked.

Still more on the way! 

Complete photos can be seen here.
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* UPDATE: Tuesday, 9/25 *
The below must-see video courtesy of Tom Trento at The United West.  New York State Senator Tony Avella, (D) 11th Senate District walks off the stage in disgust.  I was there filming too but didn't notice him getting up and storming off the stage. 

NY State Senator Tony Avella deserves a HUGE thank you for standing up for the United States Constitution and for all Americans.

 Here is a photo of the rapping jihadette that I took earlier that day, who's terrorist poetry caused NY State Senator Tony Avella to get up and leave in disgust before he was scheduled to speak

Monday, September 17, 2012

Occupy Wall Street One Year Anniversary of Fail New York City

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I went downtown to Bowling Green today to see what was going on for the one year anniversary of Occupy.  A movement which has accomplished not much else other than racking up lengthy rap sheets.  The good news is that were significantly less numbers from last year.  I'd put the crowd at just a little over two hundred.  There was very little energy today and almost everyone seemed to be asleep.

They slept like babies in the midday sun.

Yes, he is sucking his thumb.
I've never seen so many sleeping people.

They caught up on some shuteye.

They napped.

 Grabbed forty winks.

Before you get up you have to at least wake up.  Since the movement is kaput, they probably figured 'why not just lie down in the middle of a busy city on a Monday and close your eyes?'  And that they did.
They snoozed.

 Caught some z's.

 Sawed wood.

 Even the paid union Occupiers counted sheep.

They hit the hay.

They dozed. 

They siesta'd ... like a rock.

And then there were the upright sleepwalkers living in a dream.

"Feminist Polar Bear."  [I asked.]

Not exactly sure what that was.  Occupy Furries? [Didn't want to ask.]

 This fellow was somewhat awake compared to the rest.
I didn't see any Obama support from the ranks.

VIDEO: NYPD on overtime.  
Some of these police officers had been at Bowling Green since 3 o'clock this morning.

VIDEO: Occu-fail Pinata!

Every day is Halloween in Occu-ville.

"Only wanted to be photographed in the sun."

"TEAR DOWN BABYLON" spouts the sign held by a girl wearing torn hose, bleached hair, and displaying undeniably less-than-modest qualities.

It's over, Johnny.