Saturday, August 30, 2008

More Obama-mania: The DMV Kind

The guy might have thought this through a little better.... Sounds like a painful disease or a Japanese sci-fi monster to me.

Friday, August 15, 2008

More Political Street Art: The Playpen of Peace *UPDATED 9/8/08

Yet another installment in the Political Street Art series. Here we have what appears to be an ordinary child's playpen. But this one is filled with thousands of colored pellets.

It's the Playpen of Peace!

Then there was a line of taxi cab tops with a lot of 'hope', 'change', 'peace', 'create' stuff painted on them.

and then... inexplicably, a lemonade stand.

UPDATE 9/8/08:
Below photography shows what it was morphed into shortly after.

I took this a few days ago. Not sure what it is supposed to mean with the firetruck under a huge rock. I'll leave it to my readers to decide. At the time of this update, there are now three playpens in that same spot doing nothing except collecting trash and spewing plastic pellets. An eyesore of rubbish in an already trashed landscape.

Saturday, August 02, 2008

Stop the War On Iran Protest Times Square

I went to the No War On Iran rally in Times Square today.
The Gathering of Eagles New York Chapter put on the counter-protest.

Below is a selection of photos and the best signs,
like the one above which was absolutely great!

I really like the sound of that.

Ain't it the truth!

Two thumbs up for those who came out in the pouring rain to stand for our flag!

Patriot Guard Riders. Heroes at home.

Let's hear it for the Nam Knights!

- Next up, the rally goers.
It was the same old tired leftist slogans and they were particularly ticked at Obama for changing his position on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. -

Their true colors. The total annihilation of Israel.

A rogue Islamic state has the right to nuclear weapons?
I don't THINK so!

So Sean Bell died because there's a war going on..? Methinks these people are a bit confused.

Now here's something to ponder. Cynthia McKinney for President.

Their true colors.

And rain hurts magic markers...

Stop the occupation of 'Harlem and Bed Stuy'? I know the rents are going up in those neighborhoods, but I wouldn't exactly call it an 'occupation.' Unless you want to call the influx of assorted hipsters and trust-funders an 'occupation', that is.

Okay, wait a minute. This guy is wearing 'No War On Iran' buttons and drinking a can of PEPSI?
The deranged paranoid Iranian mullahs have declared that 'PEPSI' stands for
Pay Each Penny to Save Israel. He must be a double agent for the Mossad. Clever, very VERY, clever...

Ask not what Islamophobia can do for you but what you can do for Islamo-realism.

She's strangely unconcerned about Islamic Iran's ghastly ongoing and escalating war against Iranian women.

Truthers.. YAWN!

No war protest would be complete with the Free-Mumia-the-Cop-Killer mob.

Ya. That'll work.

This guy took out a bullhorn and called the patriots, cowards, imperialists, fascists and a list of other names. He didn't have a permit, so the cops shut him down.

Click here for the full slide show!

Nice bike!

The ever-fabulous Atlas was there too. Please go see her report now!

And Gateway Pundit rightly points out, Iran is already at war with us -- and has been since 1979.

Tic Tic Boom was there and noted that the so-called 'peace' crowd left quite a pile of garbage behind after they left the area.