Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Israel and Gaza Demonstrations New York City

Here are photos of to the demonstrations that took place outside of the Israeli Consulate on 42nd Street and 2nd Avenue tonight. There was a very nice turnout of Israel supporters.
There was also a pro-Palestine presence on the north side of the street. Unlike the pro-Israel folks, they were very loud and angry. Screaming, yelling, 'from the river to the sea!', whistles and bullhorns, it was heated. A couple of minor scuffles broke among the front lines of their throng. The situation felt somewhat explosive. This was not the side of the street I wanted to be on if things got out of hand. Thank God for the NYPD.

There's always a Mumia supporter.

I guess my main question is; Where the heck is Mayor Bloomberg on all this? All these masked creeps out in force in our town [the bullseye city] waving black flags of Islamic jihad on our streets for days--especially on the heels of the now infamous 'Death to All Juice' sign on public display right here on 5th Avenue--and he's building bike lanes and trying to reduce our salt intake.

Then there was this guy. He had a thing for me alright.

Like many others he was concealed behind a mask.
Full of hate and not hiding it.