Saturday, March 31, 2012

Political Street Art: The Thomas Jefferson Edition, Part 3

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I came across another Thomas Jefferson stenciled quote yesterday. This time near the Brooklyn Bridge.

Two other examples that I have found
can be seen here and here.

UPDATE: Monday, 4/2
Here's another one found in Brooklyn near the Manhattan Bridge on Jay Street sent in by a reader. Thanks Phillip!
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Friday, March 30, 2012

OWS Street Art: The Incitement Editions

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I came across these two new OWS 'movement of peace' agitprop posters in my neighborhood promoting the upcoming Occu-turf thuggery on May 1st.

Looking at these two items one could hardly suggest that this is a peaceful movement.

The bared fang poster is pretty funny.
No work? Well, that's a given.
But no housework either?!
Who will clean the tents?

And here's one designed to incite the ladies of OWS. You know, the 'feminine' side of organized street violence.

These freaks won't be happy until they burn my city down.

Monday, March 26, 2012

OWS Occupied Union Square: The Smoking Weed Edition

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I was going by 14th Street today so I decided to head over to Union Square Park to see what's what with the OWS cult in their new digs.

I could smell pot burning everywhere. There were cops just a few feet away who didn't do a thing. There was no way that they could have missed it.

Rolling ...

And smoking ...

And then there were the lingering ghosts of drugs past.

Free #OWS munchies anyone?

OWS is broke and begging for donations. Where did all that money go?

OWS has adopted Trayvon Martin as their new poster child.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Political Street Art: Barack Hussein Obama vs. Ron Paul 2012

It is worth noting that as the 2012 election cycle churns toward its possibly very horrifying conclusion I see very little pro-Obama street art out here in Brooklyn. Just three years ago I couldn't keep up with the tsunami of street art deifying Barky the Unvetted.

So when I noticed this one, it stood out. Also because it happens to have 'Ron Paul 2012' written over it--something that in 2008 would have been positively unspeakable.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

OWS Kicks off 'American Spring': Mitt Romney Fundraiser Crash Fail at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel

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Occupy Fail at the Waldorf Astoria today at the OWS debut of their 'American Spring' as they try to resuscitate the movement. The plan to crash the hotel where Mitt Romney is staying while in New York City to attend a fundraiser luncheon was derailed by tight security. So instead of glitter bombs and 'mic checks', OWS & Co. ended up parading around the outside on the street.

The body odor wafted boldly as the ever-present drumming droned on in the background. It was a noisy crowd of all the usual suspects. Rev. Billy Talen was there preaching his 99%-a-luja! before a mock funeral procession. Street theater fixtures Multi-millionaires for Romney [a retread of Billionaires for Bush] did their politi-schtick and Big Labor was there of course. Pics of them signing in. Uploading videos, pics and whatnot now...

VIDEOS TO COME! Upload-a-lujah

Rev. Billy Talen: "Big banks are responsible for tornado outbreak last week!"

Astroturf dollars at work.
Paid to demonstrate, Big Labor
Union members sign in.

More union members signing in.

I hope that really is grape juice!

For a very small parade the media was out in force.
I also noticed a higher than usual number of Latino press.

More videos to come!

Here's the complete photo slide show.

BIG thanks to
Zombie at PJ Media and Gateway Pundit for the links!

Friday, March 09, 2012

Passing Shots Woodstock, New York: Fake Historic Marker

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While taking a walk through the middle of town upstate in Woodstock today I noticed this 'historic marker'--or at least what I thought was a historic marker. I had never heard of Robert Hass before but it turns out that he is Professor of Poetry and Poetics at U.C. Berkeley, and this is one of about a dozen fake historic markers planted around Hudson County pushing a leftist agenda by local artist Norm Magnusson. Robert Hass the above-titled 'American Patriot' who also happens to be Magnusson's brother-in-law, was recently involved in the OWS riot in Berkeley.

* * *
And just for the record, the plaque below is what a REAL U.S. historic marker looks like. I took this picture in West Point, New York in back in 2007.

Saturday, March 03, 2012

OWS Anthropology: Presenting the Occubus

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Spotted in the wilds of Brooklyn this morning we have a sighting of a mobile Occupest outpost.
Yes, people are living in this thing.

Hat tip to My Darling Sweetheart who thought of me and took these pictures!

He actually went for a few more shots! Oops! Got the finger in the way but I'm so proud of him.

A very fine job of street journalism for a non-blogger!

Thursday, March 01, 2012

RIP Andrew Breitbart

This is terrible news. Andrew Breitbart was one of my heroes. At 43 you're only just getting started and he had so much more to give. RIP good fellow, you are already deeply missed.