Sunday, September 20, 2009

Glenn Beck Derangement Syndrome

Just a normal Sunday out in the park.
Took these today on a walk. I couldn't resist.

Glenn Beck is the new George W. Bush.

Friday, September 11, 2009

September 11, 2009

8 years ago today. I didn't go to the memorial at Ground Zero this year because I have to work. In the meantime I wanted to post these two emails below that I received a few years ago from a pen pal in Egypt regarding the attacks in 2001.
We had been out of touch for a long time when he sent them out of the blue. I haven't heard from him since. They are still very relevant today.
More thoughts on this to come.

Wed, 13 Sep 2006 04:02:24 +0000
hi xxx,how are you?remember me?i felt like i had to write to you now,and say iam realy realy sorry for what happened in 9 11,i feel sorry becouse i realize now that those terrorsts did it becouse in a way or another peoble like me allowed the kind of culture,education and media which supported and support them so i feel like...partial responsible in some way,i just wish to say sorry to all those who suffered in that day,in the past 5 years many things had changed here,peoble here are not neutral about all that any more,most of peoble now are either pro or con,but every body is talking and discussing and exchanging ideas,but the main stream still the radical one,but at least now alot of peoble are talking loud ,for me i think alot of things have changed in the past few years,i thought about every idea i learned before,i evaluated every thing i have been told my entire life,i read 100s of books about my old beleives and values,and this helped me to have my realy own idea about the world ,history,culture and even islam,
i remember the first time i met a christian boy,and i was eager to know him to know how in the heck he donot beleive in islam,the same thing happened when i met an atheist for the first time,all my beleives was taken for granted,they are right and the only truth no matter what happened,now i can say i donot beleive in religions and i can say islam not muslims are the main danger for the world,i dont know why i tell you that but i just want to tell you every thing happened in 9 11 five years ago affected every thing in my world .
take care
Wed, 13 Sep 2006 05:04:16 +0000
hi again,i remembered somthing,PLEASE NEVER EVER send me a reply for the previous message i mean donot send me your answer as a reply which means my sent message could be read from your answer message,i DONOT want any one who know my password to be able to read my previous message,so if you will answer me send a NEW message to my hotmail but NOT a reply