Saturday, December 31, 2011

Occupy Wall Street in 2011 & The Racist Rager from Occupy Wall Street Responds

Proud parent my eye!
I wonder how proud they are now that their angry, stinky little darlings are re-occupying their basements and peppering them with legal bills.

Well, it's certainly been a helluva a year. The OWS Cult has certainly kept everyone busy, especially us bloggers. I am in the company of many, many outstanding citizen journalists who did what the mainstream media refuses to do -- Tell the Truth.

It was the gift that kept giving, if by 'gift' you mean the deaths, rapes, assaults, diseases, and the astronomical financial cost to the cities they infested for months.

It was the year I finally got Drudged.
The video I shot at Zucotti Square of the OWS zombies repeating 'You can have sex with animals' at a human mic session landed me a coveted Drudge link right above Kanye West's photo.

(click to enlarge)

Here's the video:

Also notable in my coverage of Occupy Wall Street is this now famous viral video I shot the first day of OWS of a racist idiot spewing idiocy.

Now at over 100,000 views and counting, and having been taken off and back on again at Youtube the subject has actually created his own video response. He's been crying for attention for being 'edited' and 'maligned'. Or maybe he just wants to blame his parents.

So here it is folks. A journey to the center of his mind.

Come along if you care
Come along if you dare
Take a ride to the land inside of your mind ...

Happy New Year to all of my wonderful readers!
2012 is gonna be one for the books.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Manhattan Mini Storage Loves Gay Marriage & Hates Herman Cain

While on the FDR Drive in lower Manhattan the other day I saw these huge banners hung outside one of the Manhattan Mini Storage buildings. One faces north, the other south. You can't miss them.

I didn't have my camera with me so I went back to get a few shots. The utter, screaming hypocrisy is completely lost on them. Unproven allegations against Herman Cain - bad; gay marriage - good.

Their previous ads have attacked Bush, Cheney, Palin, the Tea Party and even used coat hangers in a pro-abortion ad for storage units. The schtick is usually a storage related joke with a jab at conservatives, but in Rick Perry's case they skipped the storage part and just plain call him crazy. Their gay marriage ad has no joke either. I guess the execs at Manhattan Mini Storage take gay marriage very, very seriously.

When the gay divorces start rolling in the need for mini storage will skyrocket.

Also see: Manhattan Mini Storage Hates Rick Perry

UPDATE! 12/29/11
The magnificent iOwnTheWorld has honored my Manhattan Mini Storage photos with a caption contest! And, they asked me to be the judge for the Top 10 Manhattan Mini Storage Ad Awards. Let me tell you, it wasn't easy. So many good ones, you gotta go over there and check it out. And,.. wait for it... there will be prizes for the 10 Finalists!

So without further ado, here are the winners. In no particular order except for the First Prize which has been bestowed upon the comment in red. Congratulations everyone on a job well done.

* * *
I believe at some point you have enough stuff -- Barack Obama

We stored the weights that may keep Guam from tipping over here.

We've got more room than Rosie O'Donnell's boxer shorts! And it smells better too!

Big enough to store all the bomb making material from the local "FRIENDLY" mosque.


You have to rent it to see what's in it. -- Nancy Pelosi

Get your units before the NY Times puts their office furniture in here!

More secure than Holder's job.

Safe and secure. Obomba stores his birth certificate here.

Units almost as spacious as Henry Waxman's nostrils.

With honorable mention to:

Hey OWS, We provide you more room than your parent's basement.

* * *

Winners please email me with your mailing address to claim your prizes!

Monday, December 26, 2011

Zucotti Square: Post-OWS Occupation

I stopped by Zucotti Square this morning and was happily surprised to see the place completely cleaned out. Other than the continued beefed-up police presence and barricades that fully encircle the park to keep the Marxist Occupiers from returning, it looked pretty normal.

Just a few tourists milling around, and a small stream of gawkers strolling by checking out the scene that is no more.

There was a very small and insignificant band of OWS cultists in attendance. But the tents, mind-numbing drumming, and disgusting odors were gone.

A cop I spoke with said that the barricades and police presence were going to be a semi-permanent fixture until further notice. The owners of the park also hired their own private security patrol.

There was even a family taking photos in front of the park Christmas tree.

The shantytown is gone, but the place will forever be a magnet for political street theater. Like this fellow who is a retired Philadelphia police officer.

It is a far, far cry from the Bloomberg-created nightmare that it was. But for some reason it felt tense and unsettled, like the place was bracing itself for another onslaught of insanity.

Full list of my trips to OWS:
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Press Conference: New Yorkers and Local Business Owners Against OWS Zucotti Square Squatters
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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Manhattan Mini Storage Really, REALLY Hates Rick Perry

(click to enlarge)

On the way upstate today for a Christmas visit I noticed this billboard for Manhattan Mini Storage. It is right at the entrance to the Holland Tunnel in Manhattan which goes to New Jersey. I managed to grab this shot entering the tunnel in a moving car.

I was already aware of and blogged about their subway ad campaign with the jab at Perry.
But a whole billboard downtown? Seriously? The going price for a billboard in the city has got to be at least $100,000.00 or more. Why the overkill on Perry? Is it about his faith? Why not go after Romney, or Gingrich? Or, hey! How about that Ron Paul?

And how many New Yorkers or Jersey-ites do they think would even vote for Rick Perry? Maybe I'm weird, but personally, given an absolute choice right now at this very moment between the current Occupier of the White House and Perry, I'd go for Perry.

If Manhattan Mini Storage were really clever they could come up with at least a hundred storage rental jokes about
Barack the Lazy and his wife,
the Fist Lady.

Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Random Street Shots: The Practice Unity Edition

A bit of graffiti along the way in my part of Brooklyn.
Seems to pretty much sum things up these days.