Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A Night with Geert Wilders in New York City

Tonight I had the tremendous privilege of attending a private screening of the film, Fitna and a dinner reception with Geert Wilders. It was quite an evening!

It was held at a residence in Manhattan. The small group of about twenty people [plus security] created an intimate and comfortable atmosphere. Mr. Wilders was very down-to-earth and approachable. He said a lot of good things about America and our freedoms.

He talked about many things, including the charges that he is facing back in the Netherlands as well as the extradition attempt to be tried in Jordan for 'insulting Islam'. This is a man who is undaunted. He carries a tremendous amount of spirit despite living with a death sentence on his head issued not only by al Quaida but any and every other lunatic out there with a sword to grind.

This is a very courageous man. Someone who believes in something greater than himself.

We watched Fitna, then there was a Q&A session.
I was lucky to be able to get a few comments and a couple of questions in. I asked him if he had any thoughts on what his long view was regarding the Islamization of Europe in the next fifty to one hundred years. He had a far away look for a moment then smiled and said that he wasn't a prophet. He added that he's an optimist. I asked him which of the countries in Europe were in the most advanced stages of Islamization. He paused for a second then together we listed them all and to him they all seemed to be about the same. "All of them." He said, "Only in Eastern Europe is there a difference."

Here are my short videos of the Q&A.

UPDATE: Here is the full 55-minute video of the Q&A
courtesy of The Silent Majority