Friday, November 16, 2012

RIP Twinkies: This is Personal

The end of Twinkies? That's just downright un-American.  What the hell is going on in our country?  
I loved Twinkies as a kid.  They were good.  And not only that, commercial animation kept my family alive growing up.  My mother worked in animation for decades as an 'ink and painter.'  Before Xerox machines were invented everything was painstakingly done by hand.  One by one, she hand-inked and painted all of the animation cels that went into the Twinkie the Kid ad campaign in the 1970s, and many, many others.  I would often be at the studios where she worked. Many nights she would bring work home and I would sit there with her for hours talking and watching her deftly complete each step.  First she would ink [trace] the animator's drawings onto the cel, then paint in the colors and then 'opaque' each one on the back.  'Opaquing' is applying a coat of white gesso so that when the cameraman shoots it, light won't come through.   

This was one of the 30-second spots she worked on.

Brings back memories.  I had forgotten all about Fruit Pie the Magician.  I did like those fruit pies.  Apple was my favorite.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Obama Victory Political Cocktails: The 'Make Mine Hemlock' Edition

(click to enlarge)
Went out for dinner and a drink last night in the neighborhood to try to soothe things a little after what's been a rough few weeks between the storm and the election and spotted this item on the cocktails specials list.  

Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Election 2012 Street Sign: How to Commit Voter Fraud

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Spotted this on the way to vote today in Brooklyn.  
And yes, there's a website.

Election Day 2012! VOTE!

Well, BIG difference from four years ago when my neighborhood was transformed into Obama County; the ground zero for Shepard Fairey and his much-appropriated Hope ‘n Change icon and Obama street art everywhere. I was out with my dogs these last couple of days looking for political stuff to photograph and there is literally nothing except for the Marxist flyer below sighted just this morning.  

The local Commies are organized but the Democrat enthusiasm seems to be missing in action.
You’d never know there was a huge election coming in just hours.  No posters, no soaring Obama murals and street art now. No Obama this, no Obama that. A big fat zero. 
I'm heading to the polls shortly to vote.  Though I know that as a New Yorker my vote basically doesn't count, I'm still excited anyway!  
So everyone please get out there and vote for Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan.  We can win this!